Rental Policies

In order to assist and to avoid any issues arising with your rental and ensure that your rental and delivery goes well, we have provided this sheet for your information. If you have a question that is not answered here or you have a question as a result of reviewing this sheet, please contact us at any time. Thank you for selecting Rosanne’s Event Rental & Silk Designs for your event.

Rental Policy 2017

A. Booking your date.

As a rule of thumb, reservations should be placed as soon as you know the details of your event to ensure the availability of your desired rental items. A deposit of 50% is required to secure the rental items for your date. All orders should be finalized four days (96 hours) prior to delivery or pick–up date. The balance of your invoice is due on your pick-up date along with a damage deposit of 25%. We accept VISA, MC, Debit, e-transfer, or personal cheque.

 B. Broken and/or missing items.

In the event of a missing item, you will be contacted to arrange for their return. If items are lost or broken and cannot be returned, a replacement charge will be added to the invoice. Replacement charges vary by item.

 C. Rental Fees

All charges are applied on rental items booked for your date whether they are used or not. Prices are quoted for a one-day (single event) use and typically are returned within two days of the event. Should you require the use of rentals for a longer time, contact us for an extended time quote.

 D.  Stemware

Rinse glassware after use and return them to their crates, glass mouth (bowl) up/base down.

 E. Linens

Fold linens after use and return them in garment bin. Take care during your event if you are using candles as removing candle wax will result in an extra charge or if permanently damaged or if the linen is burnt, replacement cost applies. Ensure that you count all items for return.

 F. Custom Floral

All Bridal bouquet orders are subject to a 50% deposit at the time of selection. Stems will be held until arrangements are finalized. Cancellations 60 days or less will result in the loss of the deposit. Completed orders not picked up will be charged 70% of the total cost (minus the deposit). The outstanding balance is due at time of pick-up.

 G. Responsibility

You are responsible for all rental items from delivery/pick-up until time of return. Please be sure items are safe when not in use and protected from the elements. Charges will be made for missing, broken, or damaged items as well as linens which are lost, torn, damaged, or burned. The full replacement value in addition to the rental fee will be charged for items damaged or lost.

Set up time and transportation costs where we are contracted to provide such services will be quoted and honoured.

 H. Cancellation

If your rental order is cancelled 60 days or more before the event, your full deposit is refunded. If your order is cancelled within 60 days before the event, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged to your deposit.

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